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At Rickmansworth Locksmiths, we aim to provide a secure and efficient security service to both commercial and domestic properties. Our aim is to cater to the individual needs of the customer, providing them with the exact specification  and style required. All of our Grilles, gates and bars are easily fitted to your windows and doors, for more information or to book an appointment, please call us today on 01923 439491 for all your grille, gate and security bar options.

     Product and Security Services

   With crime and break-ins on the increase, there is even more need for additional security to make your home or business more secure.  This can be operated using physical security such as grilles and gates, giving you the reassurance and knowledge that you are safe in your own property.  As proven by the police, a  visual deterrent like Grilles, gates or bars, effectively work to reduce the amount of crime rate to your property. 

Rickmansworth Locksmiths sell and install bespoke made to measure retractable gates, collapsible security grilles, fixed bars and security shutters to deter any possible security threats from happening.  We provide a flexible and diverse security range, with all our products being manufactured to the highest standard possible, we custom make to suit the customers required specification and colour.   Our grilles and gates provide a high level of security whilst being unobtrusive, discreet and aesthetically pleasing to any home or business.



       Contact Details

Please feel free to contact our security services Monday to Saturdays on 01923 439491 or by mobile on 07824 990070. We look forward to helping you with all your grille and gate requirements.


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